Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a new technology as far as a website and its SEO are concerned, introduced most specifically to enable a user cater to contents at a rapid speed, page after page, uninterrupted especially when on the go, in one’s smartphone or tablet.

On one hand if AMP increases the downloading speed of pages faster, without as such any glitch in between, on the other hand, the technology doesn’t have any effect on one’s smartphone or tablet experience regarding other things on the whole.

Craze and requirement for AMP have reached a level that companies and their websites, which earlier operated on desktop, laptop levels, in the present scenario, are getting their sites converted on the lines of this new technology. Including, new entrants in the market, which basically and foremostly are only going for their websites designed, prepared and developed on the lines of AMP, giving a satisfactory, fulsome experience of a website either on a smartphone or tablet alike to a user.

However, when designing, developing a website according to AMP policy, it is advised by experts to keep two different types of pages of a content of its. One in a normal format and the other one given the shape, form to fall into the scheme of things which here is known by the name of AMP.


Since this seems a hectic task at the end of a company, planning about getting its website built on the lines of AMP, one can be seen found searching for a web designing company, which can design, build, prepare its site based on the current trend going on. Taking away all its worries, pains, confusions and the like in this regard.

Falling in these categories is a web designing company known as ‘Seo From India.’ Not only can it promise to take complete responsibilities towards a website and its AMP requirements, but also giving one’s client in this respect, the feeling of completeness which one sought.

However, for a web designing company into designing of a website or the other in accordance to AMP at client servicing levels, there are a few things which become important for it to cater to are as follows:

  • Making websites and its pages faster enough for the comfort, ease, conservation of time of a user or the other.
  • In doing these, keeping in mind and seeing to it on the high priority basis that nothing important, an information, picture, photograph etc., don’t get lost or neglected from its side, in a user’s searching process, practice and the like.
  • Assure a normal, original flow of each and everything on the screen, rather than the same standing in the danger of going haywire, getting crooked, haphazard, corrupted etc.
  • Sometimes it happens that when a user tries to access something in one’s mobile phone with an internet connection, the device gets overheated, hanged in the process.
  • Though it could have been the problem with earlier mobiles, but is not the case with today’s smartphones or tablets.
  • Still if there is even a minute chance of the same happening, it becomes the responsibility of a web designing company while preparing an AMP website, smooth, slick enough to carry on with its workings in an effective, efficient manner, rather than falling in the problematic zone, along with the smartphone or tablet in which it was tried to be accessed into.
  • Giving a user the total experience of a website or the other combined with the supporting device.
  • With one nowhere and one’s needs, requirements etc., felt cheated, hampered, interfered upon etc.